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How to supersize your corporate event with games

Whether you’re planning a conference, a staff team building or are doing some client appreciation, you can benefit from putting in some fun games. More and more we are realising that creative expression and fun are an integral part of the work environment.

It’s not some millennial fad, but has been noted as a key characteristic of leadership. Being able to tap into your creativity helps you become better at problem solving while group games increase cohesion among the team, teaching important skills in communication and coordination. At Urban Live Events we like to say that we take your fun seriously and we mean it. We’re not just creating beautiful spaces; we are enhancing your experience through every detail in your event decor and styling. We curate the space for you to thrive in. We have some great ideas of how to supersize your corporate event by creating small spaces for some mega fun.

These can be a small games corner for people to engage with during a long break in the conference or it can be a deliberate part of your team building event. These are so good you just might have a problem getting people away from them 🙂

1. Giant Chess

Giant Chess is easy to facilitate. You can draw on concrete and use people as the pawns or you can use the giant set. What a way to have fun while still exercising your intellect.

2. Giant Checkers

If you want a quicker game than chess, you can introduce Giant Checkers which can be executed on the same large board.

3. Giant Scrabble

Another fun yet intellectual game is scrabble. If you supersize it, you can play in teams and add it to your team building exercises.

4. Giant Xs & Os

Another classical favourite and definitely bound to pique the interest of adults, this quick game would be a great splash of fun in any corporate event.

5. Giant Jenga

There’s something about Jenga that turns everyone into a civil engineer trying to weigh the integrity of a structure 🙂 It’s a classical game and when you supersize it the fun is multiplied too.

There are plenty more games that you can incorporate into your corporate event to make it interactive and enjoyable without taking away from the intellectual atmosphere. Any of these five games or perhaps all of them can be part of your next corporate event. Give us a call if you want to do corporate events the Urban Live Events way because we certainly don’t do dull or boring!

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