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Going Green In Events

We have to confess. The events world creates a whole lot of trash and some of it is not bio degradable. This is why we love this event trend.

We have to confess. The events world creates a whole lot of trash and some of it is not bio degradable. This is why we love this event trend. We’re talking about going green by using greenery. You may have noticed by now that we like to highlight trends that are versatile and can be used in every sort of set up, from corporate to social, glamorous to rustic. Greenery is one of those things that does just that. It brings vibrancy and life to any set up. Without further ado, here are some ways to rock that greenery at your next event.

1. Welcome Signs 

We thought we would start small and build up to the grand and magnificent ways to add greenery to your decor. You can just drape it over any welcome sign to reduce the monotony of one dimensional signage.

2. Chair Decor 

There comes a time in every event decor provider when after tying the thousandth tie back you wonder if there’s more to life than this and we’re here to tell you that there is and it is gorgeous. From Chiavari to Cross-back, greenery looks great on any type of chair and works for formal dining settings to the wedding ceremony.

3. Aisle Decor 

This is another lovely way to bring life to a ceremony area especially if you are indoors. It will bring life to a boring concrete or wooden floor and can be mixed with flowers or candles.

4. Centerpieces 

The wonderful thing about greenery is that it does not compete with other elements, but allows them to pop, breathing even more life to them.

5. Table Runners 

All we can say is long live the beautiful table runner. It just changes everything. And just in case you thought that greenery only works for rectangle tables, the circular runner is here for you.

6. Hoops 

If you have a keen eye, you’ve probably noticed the hoops popping up in the events world. We love their simplistic beauty and even more, we love it when you just throw some greens on that hoop.

7. Altar Decor 

This list is just getting better and better and altar decor has us green with envy for these brides. What a wonderful way to celebrate life and love, than with some beautiful greenery? It almost sets the stage for the marriage, embodying the promise of nurture, growth and endurance.

8. Backdrops 

We’ll just let these backdrops speak for themselves and then wait for our phones to ring to discuss your booking.

9. Overhead Runners

Brace yourselves, people, these last ones are right up there in our favorites.

10. Tent Decor 

There’s something to be said about the way greenery pops against the tent’s white colors. From your every day high peak tent to domes and A frames, greenery is a marvelous addition.

11. Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are a marvelously grand statement piece that bring life to any space. We love greenery can either be the star of the show or just a complementary element. You can add it to already existing chandeliers or start from scratch.

12. Concept to Reality 

By now you should know that we do recommend things we haven’t done ourselves. Read more about that on this blog. Here are some ways we have incorporated greenery into our set ups.

And finally, as always, there are so many other ways you can add greenery to your event. Here are some bonus pics. Before we end this, we have to mention that another way to go green in events is in donating the flowers left after the event to a hospital or home. It will bring life to joy to someone rather than just going into the trash. Watch this clip to learn how some have executed this.

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