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Hey, so you went ham on pinterest and some fabulous ideas… You bring it to your event decor stylists and they think that its great too and they can implement it. But then they ask you if you’re very tied to this one thing or if you are open to options. And you wonder why your decor stylists are trying to ruin your well thought out and coordinated plans. Here’s the thing, my decor lovers and brides to be. A good decor stylist can implement your every dream. But a great stylist will be able to tell you when your dream is impractical. You see, some concepts look great on picture but when your people get in, they are uncomfortable or squashed or can’t have a conversation. Decor is not just meant to be beautiful. It is meant to facilitate great conversation, allow for natural movement and frame your forever memories. But sometimes the over the top glamorous stuff does the opposite. You eventually have to decide if you want great photos or great memories. Is it for the gram or for the fam?

Centrepieces. These are some of the biggest culprits. Tall grand centrepieces look amazing. They give an air of opulence and grandeur. They look luxurious  and glamorous. But they can prevent your guests from having conversations or seeing the stage

Our advise? Keep the centrepieces short or really long and don’t fuff about in the middle. During your mock set up make sure you seat down and see how the guests will experience your reception. Make sure their view is not obscured by your fabulous ideas.

Guest seating. Sometimes you’ve seen this amazingly gorgeous seat arrangement like the S shape below or the cross tables. They look hella Gramable. However, they might not be the most practical.
The reason these might not work is for two reasons. The first is that people at the corners will be awkwardly placed. They will have to keep moving in order for one to get up and then they can’t lean back too much. Secondly, these shapes take up a lot of space. If you are in tents, you’ll have to pay for more tents. However, if you have paid for a large hall and have the room, you can make it work by ensuring there is sufficient space.

Mirrors walkways. We mentioned this in the blog last week, but mirrors are a new trend. Mirror walkways can look gorgeous and the pictures are magical. However, in the hot african sun we all know and love, they walking down the aisle might feel like a walk on hot coals. It might blind you, it might even melt off your make up.

Our solution? If you simply mus have your mirror walkway, have the wedding at sunset or in the evening so that you make the most of the gorgeous lighting.

Clear Tents. They are gorgeous and magnificent. However, they are giant SAUNAS!!! Yup. Once again the hot african sun is not your friend if you want your clear tent for a day event. Solution? If you want a clear tent, use it for a night event. Or use the semi-clear options during the day time. They will allow some light to shine through while giving your guests protection.

Open air receptions. Dining under stars and fairylights is a romantic idea. However, if you are in some of our popular wedding destinations, like limuru, the cold could freeze your guests. Solution? Save the idea for a hot destination like the coast where the open air will be a welcome idea for your guests.

You don’t have to choose between having a gorgeous wedding or having a practical wedding. However, you should be willing to your decor stylists who can ensure that the experience is as great for your guests as it is photogenic. Your fam and your gram will be grateful for it.

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