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Good bye boring and hello awesome. Corporate events got a makeover and we are here for it. It seems that when the corporate world ditched the cubicle for the open plan office it threw out boring events with it. While not every company will want bean bags at their end of year party, we found that there are many ways to inject creativity into an event while being intentional to maintain the integrity of the brand.

  1. Minimalist Centerpieces. Corporate events are often a key opportunity to build networks. Very integral conversations happen so ditch the dramatic over the top centerpieces for minimalist ones that will allow the conversation to flow over meals and in the board rooms. 

2. Have fun with the stage. The stage is often the centre of focus in corporate events and it is a great opportunity to ditch the boring banner and go big. Build a stage that is multidimensional and can keep the audience engaged. 

If your event is small, you can still have an impactful stage. The key with stages and most corporate events, is ensuring that you capture the brand identity in everything you do.

Get Creative with Seating. Can we please finally let go of the plastic chair with spandex? Or pretty much any other chair covered with spandex? It’s time to embrace other ways of seating your guests. Let’s face it. Guests will spend most of their time seating. Why not make it a comfortable experience.

We love this new seating trend. Mixing up different types of seating caters to different people. Some want couches, some want upright seats and some will prefer the cocktail seating. A fun way to introduce corporate colours is to use soft furnishings such as cushions in the corporate colours. The Key, once again, is to maintain the brand identity. For example, we did the decor for an agricultural corporate event. Picking up on the farming theme, we decided to go rustic with our decor, with crate seating, wooden benches and much more. Here’s how it turned out.

The attendees loved the seating. They had been prepared to walk into the same old boring conference set up but they found this seating that was unique, matched the theme of the conference, and allowed for conversation to flow during the interactive sessions.

We have a lot more up our sleeves when it comes to corporate events. So if you want to switch up from dull to delightful, give us a call and we will create the environment to meet your event’s goals.

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